Our programs are tailored to you.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to work in healthcare regardless of time constraints or income. Not everyone has the time and money to go to school full time. That’s why our courses have:

  • Flexible schedules – Days, Nights, and Weekends
  • Blended learning – Online lectures (80%) & In-person labs (20%)
  • Students also have the option of being a full distance student (100% online)
  • Flexible payment options with discounts of up to 10%
  • Customized payment plans are available upon request.
  • Comprehensive Exam Reviews and Practice Exams

Our programs are FAST.

We offer the fastest healthcare certification programs in the Central Valley, beating industry standards by months!

Even our longest course, Surgical Technologist Certification, finishes in just 8 months compared to the industry standard of 2 years. Altamont Healthcare will get you where you want to be in the fastest way possible.

Expand your horizons with externships.

We are committed to giving our students every opportunity to grow their professional careers, so our externship program is available for all graduates who have passed their board exams. Learn more about externships here.

Questions about enrollment? Curious about class content?

SPD + ERT Promo – $250 Off!

Starting Fall 2021, we’ll take off $250 from enrollment costs when you enroll in both SPD (Sterile Processing Tech) and ERT (Endoscope Reprocessing) programs! That’s right, enroll in both SPD and ERT programs and we’ll waive your ERT registration fee of $250. On top of our Option 1 discount (10% off tuition when you pay […]

The Superhuman SPD Techs

As our population and lifespans continue to grow, so does the demand for high-quality healthcare and patient safety. Baby Boomers currently make up nearly 25% of the American population and by 2030, most of them will be 65 – 84 years old. Many people in this generation will require surgeries to maintain their health as […]