A Day in the Life of an ERT

The sound of the phone ringing  —, staff in scrubs crisscrossing the hallway, and the smell of disinfectant mingling with the freshly brewed coffee are a welcome symphony of senses to our Endoscope Reprocessing Technician (ERT) as she sets her foot inside her workplace and checks her schedule for the day. Our ERT starts her […]

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Job Outlook and Opportunity as an EKG Technician

More people, both young and old, are making health-promoting diet and lifestyle choices to meet their fitness, beauty, and health goals. For many people, especially the elderly, heart health has become a number one priority. As one of the most vital organs in the body (rivaled only by the brain), the heart plays a major […]

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SPD + ERT Promo – $250 Off!

Starting Fall 2021, we’ll take off $250 from enrollment costs when you enroll in both SPD (Sterile Processing Tech) and ERT (Endoscope Reprocessing) programs! That’s right, enroll in both SPD and ERT programs and we’ll waive your ERT registration fee of $250. On top of our Option 1 discount (10% off tuition when you pay […]

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The Superhuman SPD Techs

As our population and lifespans continue to grow, so does the demand for high-quality healthcare and patient safety. Baby Boomers currently make up nearly 25% of the American population and by 2030, most of them will be 65 – 84 years old. Many people in this generation will require surgeries to maintain their health as […]

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Your Hands Can Breathe Life

CPR can double or even triple the likelihood of survival if it is performed immediately. It can be done by anyone, but there is no alternative to formal training.

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UPDATE: NCCT Test Site Approval

We’re now an approved test site for NCCT Testing! We are approved to schedule certification exams for our EKG Technician and Surgical Technologist graduates. Students can now take their board exams onsite, meaning students no longer need to look for a distant or unfamiliar test site. UPDATE: As of May 25, 2021, Bakersfield has been […]

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Three Tips for Your First Day of Following an Employee at a Hospital

In many hospitals and clinics, it’s a common practice to shadow an experienced employee when starting a new job. Shadowing is a valuable opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the position and grow familiar with established procedures. If you have the good fortune of following an employee on your first day of work, […]


Four Reasons Small Class Sizes Are Best for EKG Training

When it comes to electrocardiogram (EKG) training, bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to class sizes. While many institutions offer EKG technician curriculum, few offer intimate class settings that can contribute greatly to marketability and professional aptitude upon completion of the courses. Here are just a few benefits of small class sizes. Resume […]




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