You could have a rewarding career in the healthcare field in just seven weeks. You do NOT need prior medical background or experience in order to enroll, making this a great opportunity for anyone who wants to join the healthcare industry. This course is available exclusively at the Stockton location.

What is an EKG Technician & What do they do?

An electrocardiogram, shortened to EKG or ECG, is a test that detects problems with the electrical activity of the heart through the use of a specialized machine. EKG technicians conduct tests alongside a cardiologist in order to detect diseases, disorders, and other problems associated with the heart. They are responsible for preparing the patient for testing by attaching electrodes to appropriate points on the patient’s chest, operating the EKG machine correctly, conducting Holter monitoring and stress testing, and providing accurate results to the cardiologist for further examination.

Getting certified as an EKG Technician provides the opportunity to work in a team-oriented environment with excellent benefits, job stability, and opportunities for career advancement. The median pay for EKG Technicians in the United States is $50,000.

Program Features

Our certification program offers a host of student benefits, including:

  • Comprehensive hands-on training to improve your real-world performance – each class is provided with an EKG machine so you can perfect your techniques before even entering a hospital.
  • Small class size, with a limit of just 9 students per class.
  • Free BLS/CPR certification.
  • In-house career building workshops.
  • Set of scrubs (uniform).
  • Affordable tuition and flexible payment options that put this course in reach for all students, regardless of socio-economic status.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and provide a valid government-issued photo ID. While anatomy and physiology knowledge is helpful, it’s not required for enrollment.

Our EKG tech program is recognized by the National Center for Competency Testing and course-accredited through NCCA. Contact us today to register for your EKG certification training program.

Flexible Tuition Payments

We acknowledge that the financial cost of higher education is a barrier for potential students, that’s why we are committed to assisting students at all socioeconomic levels who want to enroll. We are proud to provide one of the nation’s most affordable tuition rates among EKG certification programs. We offer several different payment plans and discounts that can be found here. If none of our payment plans seem within your reach, we would be happy to talk with you and figure out a plan that works for you.