Endoscope Reprocessing - Instructors

De'Ann Smith, CRSCT, CHL, GI Scope Certified, SPD Area Manager/ Instructor 

De'Ann teaches our  Sterile Processing night and weekend classes, to the delight of our students and co-workers. She is a very sincere, helpful, knowledgeable and gracious person who has decades of experience in Sterile Processing. She has seen the industry grow from a small, obscure room in the hospital's basement to a highly-organized, technical and advancing field of science and technology. She has worked all over the nation in different settings as well as numerous departmental capacities. She is a well-known and well-liked leader in multiple facilities throughout the Central Valley. As teaching is one of her passions in life, she is always ready to answer any questions from her class, and keeps herself always available for her students.