Endoscope Reprocessing - Registration/Tuition

Take advantage of our easy payment plans! We are committed to partnering up with you and your goal of having a dependable and rewarding, life-long career in the field of sterile processing. Even through our tuition rates are among the most affordable throughout the nation, we still recognize the financial challenges that some of us may face at certain times in our lives.

Altamont Healthcare aims to ease the financial burdens that might keep you from enrolling in our program. In accord with our mission, we offer multiple flexible payment options that can fit everyone's budget, including a Zero Payment & Zero Interest Plan For up to 12 Months for those who qualify. This is called the Bill Me Later! Plan. This great opportunity is at your fingertips right now! We know how important it is for this certification course to be made readily available to people who need it the most. To learn if you qualify for our Bill Me Later! plan, visit our Bill Me later! page and click on the link.


Registration Fee (Non-Refundable): $159.00
(Includes Uniform; Refundable) Special Price!: $840.00 $640.00*
Books and Materials: $150.00
Uniform: Included

Total Enrollment Cost: $309.00

All payment plans below do not include registration and book fee. The payment plans are based on the tuition rate of $840.00 $640.00

Option #1: Full payment entitles students to 10% discount on all charges, not including book fee and registration. ($576.00)

Option #2: Make one third of the payment ($213.33) and the remaining amount entitles the student to a 5% discount. ($405.33)

Option #3: Tuition is paid in three equal terms of $213.33 per installment.

**All financial obligations must be met prior to completion of the program. Failure to settle balance owed will result in the student being dropped from the class or delay in the release of the Certificate of Completion.
**Late payment fee of $20 applies each time a payment is past due. A grace period of 7 days will be given after which the late fee shall be added to the amount due. Upon the conclusion of the program, a penalty of $100 shall be added to an account past due for every 30-day period and will be placed for collection after 90 days.
**It is the sole responsibility of the student or responsible party to ensure that payments are posted prior to the deadline.

Payment shall be made in cash, money order or credit/debit card.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & Paypal

Payment Modes - Cash, Money Order Or Credit/Debit Card