Our externship program is an opportunity available exclusively to our graduates that pass their certification exam. Externships allow you to choose from and work in one of our affiliated healthcare facilities to gain real-world experience and help your resume stand out from the rest.

What’s an externship?

Externships are volunteer positions that provide our graduates with structured, supervised hands-on experience which helps them develop their manual and practical skills in their respective field. Our externs are closely supervised by staff who take them through the daily routine at an affiliated medical facility, clinic, or hospital. The experience allows our externs to apply their classroom knowledge to the healthcare setting and familiarize themselves with the job. This program acts as a bridge between their formal education and professional careers.

Do I get paid?

No, externs do not get paid. However, the accelerated experience provided by the externship meets the “one-year of experience” requirement by most employers. It also provides a technician with connections within the hospital they worked under.

What advantages does it have?

Externships can lead to job opportunities and help graduates get their foot in the door for available job positions within the facility or hospital they are serving. It also connects them to the right people in their line of work and provides them the opportunity to showcase their personality, work ethics, and employability. In this sense, externships are also a source of establishing formal work connections and lays the groundwork to build your network of job-related contacts. If an extern displays their ability as an effective worker and a positive addition to the work environment, they may be offered a paid position at that facility.

How long do externships last?

Anywhere from 200-400 hours depending on the coordinator of the hospital in which you are placed. Your availability and the availability of the facility will determine your weekly schedule and hours.

How do I qualify?

Only graduates of Altamont Healthcare’s certification programs can participate in our Externship Program. You must pass your board exam to be eligible for this program.

Students that enroll in our Surgical Technologist program will receive an externship at no extra cost.