Get Fast Sterile Processing Certification to Enhance Your Career

Fast sterile processing certification is available to anyone who wants to pursue a career in the medical field and has the necessary skills to excel in this rewarding career. Not only is it in high-demand, it is intensely satisfying, as graduating students will have a real sense of purpose, knowing they are helping patients, doctors and other health-care providers.

The certification process takes 10 weeks and gives students a combination of theory and hands-on training that will prepare them for real-world applications.

Course Information

The course consists of a combination of lab work, hands-on training and theory. Students learns a plethora of strategies and procedures in which to keep instruments, tools and equipment clean and sanitized. They also learn computer skills, people skills and communication skills. The hands-on training will take place at a health-care facility such as a hospital, or doctor’s office.


There are several prerequisites which must be met before getting admitted into a program:

  • You must reach the age of 18 before the first day of class.
  • You must have your grade 12, or GED
  • You must have a background check


You should possess certain attributes in order to be successful as a Sterile Processing Technician:

  • You should possess teamwork and people skills
  • You should be well organized and work well under pressure
  • You should be able to stand the sight of blood and human tissue

Daily Duties and Responsibilities

Among the most common duties and responsibilities are cleaning and sanitizing the various surgical equipment that is used in the operating room and other health care providers’ offices.

They are also responsible for packaging and organizing equipment so they are readily available when needed.

Important Function

The fast sterile processing certification course provides important skills that are critical in the health care field. Graduates ensure that all equipment and tools are cleaned, sanitized and ready for use when needed. This makes for an infection-free environment and ensures the safety of the patients as well as other health-care workers.

Next Steps

Once you’ve obtained the Sterile Processing Certification, you can set your sights on other health-care careers. You can take further courses to become an EMT, a nurse, nurse practitioner, EKG technician, or any number of other positions. All of these require intense training and certifications exams; however, they are all worthwhile careers that are rewarding both personally and financially. There is no better career than helping others and easing their fears.