Quick Courses On Two Healthcare Careers

Starting out on a new path in your professional life usually starts with a solid education. Training for a new career takes a while, but there are some options in the healthcare industry that are pretty quick to learn. If you’re interested in working within the medical field, then these may be a good choice for your new career. The following section will discuss fast healthcare certification courses for these two job choices in further detail. In them, you will learn about what the training entails, what the job is all about and what the entrance requirements look like. In the end, there will be some information about earning potential.

EKG Technicians

An EKG is an electrocardiogram. It is a procedure that is performed to check the electrical currents of the heart. It is done by placing electrodes on various points on a person’s chest. It only takes a few minutes to perform and is relatively simple. This course usually takes approximately six weeks to complete, at the end of which you will be required to take a certification exam. You will be required to have at least a high school level education or a general educations diploma and be 18 years old to enroll. Having previous knowledge of anatomy or human physiology is a plus, but isn’t required at all.

Sterile Processing & Distribution Technicians

What exactly is a sterile processing and distribution technician? It sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. They are the people that clean and sterile the equipment and medical tools used by the various people in the medical world. These tools can be anything from simple scissors to scalpels. The good news about this vocation is that you can finish training for it in as little as five weeks. The requirements for this course are exactly the same as the ones listed above for the EKG tech.

The healthcare field is growing rapidly, and you’d be smart to get on board while you can. Both of these two professions can earn anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000 a year, and in some cases even more when you get more experienced. Your future can be secure by training to take on one of these two roles. By taking just a few short weeks of the time, you can join a fast paced team oriented environment that is always looking to add more people. Check out what the medical field has to offer, and don’t look back.