Become a Sterile Processing Tech or EKG Tech in Stockton, CA

The medical field is comprised of a number of positions, some of which don’t require a lot of training to become certified. If you’ve been thinking of entering the field of sterile processing or want to be an EKG technician in Stockton, CA, Altamont Healthcare is ready to help. Our 9-week training program can provide the education you need to obtain all the skills and knowledge required for these positions. You don’t have to spend years in school and thousands of dollars on your education.

Become a Sterile Technician Fast in Stockton, CA

Some people want to get involved in the field as quickly as possible. At our school in Stockton, CA, you can complete your sterile processing training in as few as 9 weeks, getting you into a job faster than attending traditional school programs. With our affordable payment options, it’s never been easier to become a sterile tech. We make it fast and easy to get the training you need to get started on a lucrative medical career without spending a lot on your education.

What about an EKG Tech?

Have you ever wondered what you need to know to perform an EKG on patients in Stockton, CA? While it’s important to fully understand the machine and how it works, the good news is doctors typically read the results. This means you can get started on a career as an EKG tech with just 9 weeks of training from our program. When you graduate, you will be fully certified to perform this important test so you can start helping patients as quickly as possible.