Success Story

"Hi my name is Winnie De Leon, I'm Filipino American, married with 2 kids mostly working part time because my priority is my kids. I used to work with retail which is so far fetched to what I do now, but with determination, studying and staying focus and positive it paid off. I made a bold move of changing work because my kids are grown and working for retail is really not that great ( for me) don't get me wrong, job is a job if you need money you will do anything. It's just the working late hours, weekends, all holidays changing shifts is really getting to me, plus the pay your lucky if your getting a 10 cents raise, retail is good if your in management. My husband have been working as Certified Sterile Processing Technician for over 10 years, he's always been telling me I should try his line of work and I did, one day browsing through internet I tried looking for a class here in Bakersfield, CA and found the ALTAMONT HEALTHCARE they have a class here on weekends and I immediately contacted them and enroll online. I started somewhere in Sept. of 2016 finished by October and took the exams on November, pass it and immediately enrolled for externship. At first it's overwhelming because, you only go to class on weekends and so much to discuss, memorized, familiarized but you have to put your own time in it, I dedicated studying all week so when weekend comes in I'm ready. I know we have our lives, kids, problems and all but if you really want to change something in life you have to put your best foot forward to be able to make it. I made flash card, buddy study, and little notes to remember the acronyms, bacteria, bones of the body, parts of the body, antibacterial soaps, instruments every little detail plus my husbands brain because he's already there. Gillian Smith is my instructor at the time, and she's wonderful teacher, and mentor she will answer any question you might have, we're only 5 in the class 2 guys and 3 ladies. I started my externship Jan 2017 at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital I finished my 240 hours there full time 8 hours a day Monday to Friday 6 am to 2:30 pm. I spoke to the manager at that time that I will continue to do volunteer hours of work once a week to keep the knowledge I learned from them until I found a job, I learned a lot of things at Memorial and I'm thankful for that, different kinds of instruments, trays, how to wrap, peel pack, wash in the decontamination area, pick a case, vendor trays, cameras, scopes, how to push a load in the autoclave, vpro, even answer phone calls from the OR core and the floor, different kinds of pumps hospital used, you name it. 

After I received my certificate I updated my resume right away and started applying jobs. I did not wait for Memorial to hire me because when I finished my externship there, there's a set back, the manager wants to hire me but the HR said I need to have one year experience, but I didn't give up. Just prayers and not loosing hope. I got 2 interviews one at Kern Medical Center and one at Mercy Southwest. May of last year I got the job that I worked so hard for. I am proud to say I am working full time now at Mercy Southwest of Bakersfield ( Dignity Health). You have to really focus and know the field because one of the question in my interview is how the whole process of sterile processing from dirty to clean. I can only advice is to work hard, show how you really want to know and learn things, be friendly and nice to work with because there's always gonna be people with different personalities don't let that affect  your work. Be honest and Believe in yourself. "