SPDT Instructors

Stockton Campus

David Maldonado, CSPD/ Instructor

David is the day class Sterile Processing Instructor for Altamont Healthcare. He completed his Sterile Processing education at Altamont Healthcare, showing a thorough understanding of the materials, and achieved the high score in his class. After passing the CBSPD board exam, he then completed his externship at Lodi Memorial Hospital. He has since been instructing at Altamont.
David also achieved a Presidential Scholar Award while studying Wildlife Biology at Humboldt State University, and has an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts. In addition, he possesses a Private Pilot Certificate, and loves to fly.
Our esteemed instructor enjoys his time teaching, and imparting knowledge to his students, enabling them to pursue a fulfilling career as Sterile Processing Technicians.

De'Ann Smith, CRSCT, CHL, GI Scope Certified, SPD Area Manager/ Instructor 

De'Ann teaches our  Sterile Processing night and weekend classes, to the delight of our students and co-workers. She is a very sincere, helpful, knowledgeable and gracious person who has decades of experience in Sterile Processing. She has seen the industry grow from a small, obscure room in the hospital's basement to a highly-organized, technical and advancing field of science and technology. She has worked all over the nation in different settings as well as numerous departmental capacities. She is a well-known and well-liked leader in multiple facilities throughout the Central Valley. As teaching is one of her passions in life, she is always ready to answer any questions from her class, and keeps herself always available for her students.


Bakersfield Campus

Debbie Williams, CRSCT
Weekend SPD Instructor

Debbie is a down-to-earth, easy-going, veteran Sterile Processing tech. She currently works at Kern Medical in Bakersfield, CA as a lead. Sterile processing is her career life. She has worked with multiple facilities in a variety of positions within the department and is very knowledgeable in the inner and outer workings of the department. She has teaching credits and finds teaching SPD students a very fulfilling and enjoyable endeavor. Her goal is to impart the best know-how for budding SPD newcomers to succeed in Sterile Processing in whatever circumstance they are in life. Her teaching platform is enhancing learning by presenting everyday activities that is relatable to Sterile Processing. She is an excellent mentor and friend, all in one!

Laurie Kharazi, CSPDT
Night SPD Instructor
SPD Instructor

Laurie is an Altamont alumnus and wears many hats for Altamont. She specialized in Office/Business Administration for years when she got a postcard in the mail about becoming a Sterile Processing Tech. Working as a part time student, part time School Admininstrative Associate, she aced her Sterile Processing Tech international CBSPD board exams and accepted the offer to teach the course she did so well. Laurie has led her students to 100% passing in the board exams and will continue to do so as this is her teaching goal: To approach each student in their own level of understanding and get them to pass the CBSPD certification board exams! She also coordinates our Bakersfield Externship Program.